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"Divine Mercy" Rosary"Divine Mercy" Rosary
Praying the Rosary with St. Maria FaustinaPraying the Rosary with St. Maria Faustina
Open Wide the Door to ChristOpen Wide the Door to Christ
The Two PillarsThe Two Pillars
Gerard Manley Hopkins is one of the most important poets of the English language, though his body of work is rather slim.  What he wrote, why he wrote and the way he wrote have had a great influence on everyone who has come after him.  Speaking broadly, his subject was our relationship with God and God’s relationship with His creation and us.  If we were looking for one sentence to describe our purpose at t-CBC we might steal a line from one of Hopkin’s poems and say, “We want to show you that the world is charged with the grandeur of God.”   And you know as well as we do that way too much of what is in print, on film, on cds and on dvds, does not do that.  And, not to put too fine a point on things, to fail to tell what is the real Truth of things is to lie.  The story of this world, our story, is a comedy, a Divine Comedy.  It has a glorious beginning, and a happy ending.  Call this the Second Act, if you wish, before the problems and the plot are resolved. There is no reason, though, to doubt the reliably unveiled ending, and that ending is what the vast body of Christian, of Catholic, art, literature, music and teaching through history proclaims.  That ending is the truth, and truth is the best thing to have.  This Truth is what you will find within the products featured at t-CBC.

An Icon is an image, an image of the truth.  We have several books about icons, their meaning and symbolism.  They all point to the truth that this world itself, and we in it are in some way “icons” images of God, showing His love for us.  Catholic and authentically Christian books and other media -- poetry, novels, art, drama, music -- all ‘describe’ the beauty of God and His creation.  In a real sense, the world and all that is in it is one huge liturgy, and we are all its ministers, called into being a long and joyful song of praise to our Creator.

This is one of the foundations of our culture, born of Christian faith in Palestine then nurtured in European ways of life before spreading throughout the world.  The best in Christian and Catholic non-fiction, historical and vocational novels, literary classics, modern writing and stories, fairy tales, liturgical and contemporary music, art books, films, prayer books of all kinds and inspirational activities for children and families in our online bookstore are all assembled and offered in support of this great and good truth.  T-CBC.com wishes to share as widely as possible that sense of sacramental beauty in God’s world that Christian and Catholic art, liturgy and poetry are uniquely able to carry deep into our hearts. 

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Animal KingdomAnimal Kingdom"Pavel Chichikov sees the natural through the mystical eyes of the supernatural....This is to see things as they are meant to be seen. It is to see God's presence in the weaving of a spider's web or in the flight of a bird. It is to see as Gerard Manley Hopkins saw. It is to paint inscapes. It is to see truly."
Beauty for Truth's SakeBeauty for Truth's Sake"Stratford Caldecott provides a remarkable manifesto that restores mystery to its proper place in education. With mystery comes wonder, awe, reverence, beauty, and a sense of discovery. Without these, science and mathematics are sterile, dull, and doomed, and the humanities are impossible. Caldecott has pronounced a blessing for our children and our children's children." --Scott Hahn
Benedict XVI and Beauty in Sacred Art and ArchitectureBenedict XVI and Beauty in Sacred Art and ArchitectureIn an historic meeting with artists in 2009, Pope Benedict XVI summoned the Church and the world to engage in "an authentic 'renaissance' of art." The Second Fota International Liturgy Conference was convened the same year to examine just how to do so. Architecture, painting, sculpture, furnishings—all have an indispensible role to play in raising our hearts and minds to God.  The essays contained here draw on the richness of the Pontiff’s thought to suggest how the Church might overcome the "new iconoclasm" of the post-Conciliar period in order to contemplate the face of Christ more clearly.
Benedict XVI and Beauty in Sacred MusicBenedict XVI and Beauty in Sacred MusicThis volume contains the proceedings of the Third Fota International Liturgy Conference.  Fota conferences -- of which there have been six to date -- are so called because they take place in Fota, County Cork, Ireland.  The annual gatherings provide a forum for a younger generation of liturgists and musicians, drawn from various countries, who are presently engaged in the recovery and promotion of the Church’s musical heritage for liturgical use or in composing beautiful new and uplifting works of sacred music.
Benedict XVI and the Sacred LiturgyBenedict XVI and the Sacred LiturgyBenedict XVI and the Sacred Liturgy provides a general overview of some of the more important themes in Benedict XVI’s liturgical writings. As the published proceedings of the first Fota International Liturgical Conference held in Cork, Ireland, in July 2008, it serves as a broad introduction to Benedict XVI's vision for authentic renewal of Catholic worship and to his critique of liturgical innovations that stray from the principles of Vatican II.  The book is aimed at a professional and general audience.
Bronze Tree-agate RosaryBronze Tree-agate RosaryBronze findings, tree-agate Hail Mary beads, Miraculous Medal center with Latin script.  An extraordinary gift that already offers the "feel" of an heirloom upon receipt, this sturdy handmade rosary will quickly become a cherished keepsake.
Carl Schmitt: The Vision of BeautyCarl Schmitt: The Vision of BeautyRenowned 20th century American artist Carl Schmitt expressed the beauty of truth in painting just as the deepest spiritual writers expressed truths about God and creation by means of words on a page. Selecting forty-three paintings that reveal the broad range of his achievement, this book presents not only Schmitt's artistry, but his ideas about art and life.
Catholic Coloring Book Catechesis Two-packCatholic Coloring Book Catechesis Two-packA great way to introduce your child to the various aspects of faith, the pack includes two coloring books from Second Spring Catechesis: The Mass Illustrated for Children (Second Edition, updated for the new Roman Missal), and God's Covenant with You.
Daily Roman MissalDaily Roman MissalThe new Daily Roman Missal (according to the Roman Missal, Third Edition with the new English translation that went into effect Advent 2011) includes prayers and readings to all Sunday and daily Masses in one volume. English and Latin texts side-by-side for the Order of Mass (including the four Eucharistic Prayers), the Entrance and Communion Antiphons, the response to the Responsorial Psalm, the Sequence, the Alleluia verse, and a number of devotions and prayers.
Dappled Things:  1yr subscription (in USA)Dappled Things: 1yr subscription (in USA)Dappled Things, a quarterly of art, ideas, and faith, consistently offers quality writing that takes advantage of the religious, theological, philosophical, artistic, cultural, and literary heritage of the Catholic Church to inform and enrich contemporary culture.
In Conversation With God - 7 Volume SetIn Conversation With God - 7 Volume SetReplete with moving meditations on the readings for daily liturgies and seasons, Fernandez-Carvajal's seven-volume work is rich and extensive enough to serve as your spiritual reading for a lifetime, yet each volume is small enough for you to carry it to Adoration or some other suitable place of prayer.
In Conversation With God, Vol 1In Conversation With God, Vol 1Replete with moving meditations on the readings for Advent and Christmastide liturgies, Fernandez-Carvajal's seven-volume work is rich and extensive enough to serve as your spiritual reading for a lifetime, yet each volume is small enough for you to carry it to Adoration or some other suitable place of prayer.
In Conversation With God, Vol 2In Conversation With God, Vol 2Replete with moving meditations on the readings for Lent and Eastertide liturgies.   Fernandez-Carvajal's seven-volume work is rich and extensive enough to serve as your spiritual reading for a lifetime, yet each volume is small enough for you to carry it to Adoration or some other suitable place of prayer.
The Mass Illustrated for Children - Coloring BookThe Mass Illustrated for Children - Coloring BookBy opening windows in imagination through which the vision of faith can be transmitted, this little book prepares the ground and plants seeds for a later, more intellectual appreciation of the Catholic faith.
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