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"Divine Mercy" Rosary"Divine Mercy" Rosary
Praying the Rosary with St. Maria FaustinaPraying the Rosary with St. Maria Faustina
Open Wide the Door to ChristOpen Wide the Door to Christ
The Two PillarsThe Two Pillars

Educational & Inspirational Coloring Books & Card Games --

 Christian & Catholic Children's Materials offer Wholesome & Orthodox Fun.

In this present world young people are exposed to many different kinds of media and manifold influences outside the sphere of family values. It does not take much thought to know that there are places we should not let our children go unguided! There are places and influences from which we must protect them unless and until they acquire the resources to protect themselves and their Christian faith, to know what is good from what is bad for them. As parents and teachers, we have a responsibility to children and students to provide them with good and wholesome sources of entertainment, learning, and cultural formation. Traditional church services and the bible do a great job to help kids learn and grow. However, for a child the history, persons, symbols and ultimately the lessons that are to be learned can be difficult to understand as they are not geared for a child’s mind.

Christian books written for children will provide them with lessons they can understand and help teach them the history and other important Christian fundamentals in a way that they will understand. Children’s Christian book and other religious materials also provide you as a parent or teacher with a great resource to help you educate your children and prepare them for life’s tough choices. There are a variety of different types of Christian books and resources for kids of all ages and levels in their spiritual growth. Identifying the children's needs will help you determines the sort of Christian books and resources that are right for them. Regardless though of what their particular needs may be, there are fun, educational and inspirational Christian Children’s book and other resources and activities that are perfect for your kids and their needs.

At The Christian Book Corner we offer a great selection of the best Children’s Christian books, devotional recourses and other activities to help you in the task of raising your children, teaching them right from wrong, understanding their Christian faith, helping them to grow into a strong adult with unwavering Christian faith and morals. We offer an excellent variety of Christian books and other materials for kids that will enable you as a parent, teacher, catechist or religious education director to instill in your students and children a firm understanding of Christian family values. We are committed to providing an ever growing supply of inspirational, educational and fun Christian books, activities and other material for children and young adults. All of our Christian children's books and other religious materials for kids are from the most reliable publishers whose products are verifiably sound in doctrine and firmly fixed in the best traditions of the Christian faith -- all offered at the best discount prices possible every day.

Our inspirational Christian children’s books and other resources make great gifts for the special kids in your life -- or a gift for parents looking for fun and proven ways of teaching their children about their faith and how to live a spiritual and moral Christian life.

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Catholic Coloring Book Catechesis Two-packCatholic Coloring Book Catechesis Two-packA great way to introduce your child to the various aspects of faith, the pack includes two coloring books from Second Spring Catechesis: The Mass Illustrated for Children (Second Edition, updated for the new Roman Missal), and God's Covenant with You.
God's Covenant With You Coloring BookGod's Covenant With You Coloring BookGod’s Covenant with You draws children into the biblical stories through the beautiful coloring book drawings that teach the Catholic faith on many levels.
Meet the Angels Coloring BookMeet the Angels Coloring BookWith beautiful full page illustrations by Thomas More College’s artist-in-residence David Clayton, this coloring book is designed to introduce children to the Angels that they hear about in the Bible.
The Mass Illustrated for Children - Coloring BookThe Mass Illustrated for Children - Coloring BookBy opening windows in imagination through which the vision of faith can be transmitted, this little book prepares the ground and plants seeds for a later, more intellectual appreciation of the Catholic faith.
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