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In the Arms of Mary

In the Arms of Mary
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In the Arms of Mary Foundation, paperback, 179 pages.

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From a worldwide ecclesial Movement devoted to furthering deeper communion of life with Christ through entrustment to the example and intercession of God’s Mother and our Mother comes S. C. Biela’s inspiring “In the Arms of Mary.”


It [In the Arms of Mary] is a faithful companion piece to The Gift of Faith, the widely acclaimed treatise on spirituality by Fr. Tadeusz Dajczer. Indeed, the author, Slawomir Biela, reminds us that our deepest longing for God's precious gifts of unconditional love and inner security cannot be fulfilled unless we continually renew our efforts to discover the spiritual truth about ourselves through prayer. More importantly, God calls us to acknowledge who we really are--gradually to come to grips with various defense mechanisms and pretenses of our old self--without being afraid of His rejection or judgment, thus ripening within us the awareness that Divine Love, God's Merciful Love, overcomes everything.
--Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, Archbishop of Washington

“Spiritual life in its fullness is the work of grace. As time goes on, a person experiences an ever greater need for supernatural help and it is here that Mary has a very special role to play. She becomes all the more vital and so very much closer. To entrust in love is to also entrust in Mary; to allow her to form us, to live in her arms, to experience particular help from her. Sławomir Biela must know these truths exceedingly well because he points to her with such great fervor and conviction and with complete harmony with the Marian tradition of the Church, as a specific remedy for that which is difficult or even impossible to overcome on a person's way to union with God. It is this kind of witness that we need today so that we may truly be able to become a leaven for New Evangelization.” (Excerpt from the foreword to the Ukrainian edition.)
-- Cardinal Marian Jaworski, Archbishop Metropolitan of Lviv

”I have read and re-read In the Arms of Mary, usually taking just a paragraph or two at a time for reflection. Sometimes the suggestion of such total abandonment to God seemed too radical to me. What I realized, however, is that the call to holiness I was receiving through a new look at some familiar scripture passages meant I had to be truthful about how much I wanted to be in control of my life. Now I see how much easier it is to stay snug in the arms of Mary, the mother of all the disciples that Jesus loves so much. In this way, I am closer to Jesus now more than ever.”
--M. L. Curtis, Oregon State Animator, Families of Nazareth Movement

Slawomir Cezary Biela was born in Poland in 1956. He studied at the Warsaw University of Technology, where he earned his Doctorate in Physics. He also studied at the Papal Faculty of Theology in Warsaw, especially in the field of the Theology of Spirituality. From 1977 until recently S.C. Biela cooperated  very closely with Rev. Tadeusz Dajczer, Professor of Theology, widely considered to have been the founder of the world-wide Families of Nazareth Movement.

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