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"Divine Mercy" Rosary"Divine Mercy" Rosary
Praying the Rosary with St. Maria FaustinaPraying the Rosary with St. Maria Faustina
Open Wide the Door to ChristOpen Wide the Door to Christ
The Two PillarsThe Two Pillars
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"Knights of Columbus" Rosary"Knights of Columbus" RosaryThis sturdy hand-crafted very masculine rosary features a Center with the Knights of Columbus symbol and the Blessed Pope John Paul II Papal Crucifix.  
4 Volume Poetry Gift Set4 Volume Poetry Gift SetFour volumes of your choosing from the Kaufmann Publishing page on our site.   These are lovely pocket-sized hardcover gift volumes that will delight your gift recipient(s) -- or you yourself -- for many years.  If you prefer different selections from those shown in this image, please just indicate in the comments section on the order page what four Kaufmann Publishing volumes you would like to have at the gift set price and we will gladly accommodate you.
Behold, I Stand at the Door and KnockBehold, I Stand at the Door and KnockFrom the author of In the Arms of Mary and God Alone Suffices comes another profound book about the interior life. In Behold, I Stand at The Door and Knock Biela expounds on and explains various stages of interior life in a way beneficial for both the beginners in spiritual life and those who are more advanced, leading them all forward on the road to transforming union with Christ.
Chronicles of Narnia Box SetChronicles of Narnia Box SetThe set includes all seven volumes of the classic, allegorical, and greatly beloved children's fantasy series known as The Chronicles of Narnia: THE LION, THE WITCH AND THE WARDROBE; THE HORSE AND HIS BOY; PRINCE CASPIAN; THE VOYAGE OF THE DAWN TREADER; THE SILVER CHAIR; and THE LAST BATTLE.  Also included is Lewis's "prequel" volume, THE MAGICIAN'S NEPHEW.
Collection of 5 Praying the Rosary CD SetsCollection of 5 Praying the Rosary CD SetsEach of these items may be purchased separately on our site at a great discount, but when you purchase all of them at once you get an added price reduction.  Summa's Meditative Rosary CD's with quotes from great spiritual masters offer an outstanding way to "redeem the time," opening your heart and soul to the beauty, power and wisdom of the saints under the patronage of the Holy Mother of God.
Daily Roman MissalDaily Roman MissalThe new Daily Roman Missal (according to the Roman Missal, Third Edition with the new English translation that went into effect Advent 2011) includes prayers and readings to all Sunday and daily Masses in one volume. English and Latin texts side-by-side for the Order of Mass (including the four Eucharistic Prayers), the Entrance and Communion Antiphons, the response to the Responsorial Psalm, the Sequence, the Alleluia verse, and a number of devotions and prayers.
Dappled Things:  1yr subscription (in USA)Dappled Things: 1yr subscription (in USA)Dappled Things, a quarterly of art, ideas, and faith, consistently offers quality writing that takes advantage of the religious, theological, philosophical, artistic, cultural, and literary heritage of the Catholic Church to inform and enrich contemporary culture.
Fr. Jacques Philippe SetFr. Jacques Philippe SetWith over 500,000 copies sold in 18 languages, Fr. Philippe's writings on themes such as prayer, interior freedom, and peace of heart have become modern classics of Catholic spirituality.  Each one is a gem in its own right. This collection of all seven titles will provide food for your prayer and spiritual life for many years to come. 
Holy Spirit Rosary (red or blue)Holy Spirit Rosary (red or blue)Blue River stone beads with Holy Spirit center and liturgy crucifix, this fine rosary makes a perfect Confirmation gift.
How To Profit From Your FaultsHow To Profit From Your Faults
Drawing on the wisdom of St. Francis de Sales and other great saints, as well as a rich understanding and broad experience of human nature, Fr. Tissot offers practical guidance for the interior struggle in order to help readers gain a proper sense of themselves, an accurate perspective on their own failings, and a knowledge of how to turn their imperfections to spiritual advantage through reliance on the mercy of God.
In Conversation With God - 7 Volume SetIn Conversation With God - 7 Volume SetReplete with moving meditations on the readings for daily liturgies and seasons, Fernandez-Carvajal's seven-volume work is rich and extensive enough to serve as your spiritual reading for a lifetime, yet each volume is small enough for you to carry it to Adoration or some other suitable place of prayer.
In the Arms of MaryIn the Arms of Mary

To trust in Love is also to trust in Mary; to allow her to form us, to live in her arms, to experience particular help from her ... in complete harmony with the Marian tradition of the Church, as a specific remedy for that which is difficult or even impossible to overcome on a person's way to union with God. 

Kissimmee's Newport: 1894Kissimmee's Newport: 1894Hi there! My name is Kissimmee Parr. I live in a big house called Pristol Hall, in Newport Rhode Island. Well, for the summer, anyway. Lots of people live in Newport during the summer. Mother always tells me to “be proper” around other people in society. But I hate being proper-I want to have fun! So I break all the rules society makes. That’s what this story is about. Me having fun in the summer of 1894. You could share in the fun too, just open up the cover…
Meet the Angels Coloring BookMeet the Angels Coloring BookWith beautiful full page illustrations by Thomas More College’s artist-in-residence David Clayton, this coloring book is designed to introduce children to the Angels that they hear about in the Bible.
No Longer a StrayNo Longer a StrayOne reader writes:  A pup for Jesus? This really caught my attention. I read it to my first graders for our Lenten Reading in class. They loved it. The compassion in the little one's heart at the Way of the Cross chapter was remarkable. This was their favorite book to listen to. They talk about Pup, Pup all the time. When they hear something in church, they know they heard it first from Pup, Pup.
Pearl "Baptism" RosaryPearl "Baptism" RosaryCharming hand-crafted Rosary made of genuine 6mm fresh water pearls which have been dyed in a variety of pastel colors. Featuring a handsome decorative Crucifix, this delicate yet sturdy rosary offers a full-color Center that depicts an Infant Baptism. 
Poem of the New Creation, APoem of the New Creation, A"In its lyrical intensity, its mastery of literary techniques and artistic structure, so rich in many perceptive allusions to biblical, theological, historical and literary sources, this poem is indeed a "new creation:" at once traditional and original, a fresh revelation of how the dark confusions in mankind's temporal condition can be transfused through the voice of Christian grace and prophecy from its sorrowful tragedy into the joyous comedy of redemption." (Peter J. Stanlis)
Praying the Rosary with St.Therese of LisieuxPraying the Rosary with St.Therese of LisieuxImagine praying the rosary while "the Little Flower" speaks to you on the way to holiness and love of God! This 2 CD set offers the full 20 decade rosary with 200 quotes and short reflections from the writings of St Therese.
Searching for and Maintaining PeaceSearching for and Maintaining PeaceWhat must we do to overcome the moments of fear and distress which assail us all too often in our lives? How can we learn to place all our confidence in God and abandon ourselves into his loving care? This is what is taught in this simple, yet profound little treatise on peace of heart.
The Gift of FaithThe Gift of Faith

“The Gift of Faith” is the foundational work in a worldwide ecclesial Movement devoted to furthering deeper communion of life with Christ through entrustment to the example and intercession of God’s Mother and our Mother, the Blessed Virgin Mary. In response to the desire of many seeking deep interior spirituality, Fr. Dajczer engages readers' attention and awakens their yearning to experience God and to follow a specific path of sanctification. 

The Mass Illustrated for Children - Coloring BookThe Mass Illustrated for Children - Coloring BookBy opening windows in imagination through which the vision of faith can be transmitted, this little book prepares the ground and plants seeds for a later, more intellectual appreciation of the Catholic faith.
The Two PillarsThe Two PillarsS.C. Biela offers a simple and yet profound answer to the isolating and self-suffocating world we live in through his book, The Two Pillars. Published worldwide, this Polish lay mystic's moving reflection on the virtues of contrition and gratitude, and how they connect one to God's perfect will, is both practical and meaningfully rooted in our Catholic Faith.
The Way of Trust and LoveThe Way of Trust and LoveA hundred and fifteen years after Therese of Lisieux's death, the message of the young saint and Doctor of the Church has traveled around the world inspiring millions. With this newly translated study of her spirituality, many today have rediscovered -- or found for the first time! -- the relevance of her "little way” in all seasons of life.
Thirsting for PrayerThirsting for PrayerWhat the world most needs today is prayer. It is prayer that will give birth to all the renewals, healings, deep and fruitful transformations we all want for society today.... Those who have prayer have everything, because on that basis God can freely enter their lives and act in them, working the marvels of his grace. (From the Introduction) 
Three Books by Biela Gift SetThree Books by Biela Gift SetThree life-changing books of your choice among five by S.C. Biela, Catholic lay mystic who cooperated closely with Rev. Tadeusz Dajczer, a founder of the world-wide Families of Nazareth Movement.  
Tolkien Box Set:  The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings TrilogyTolkien Box Set: The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings TrilogyThis four volume paperback books boxed set contains J.R.R. Tolkien's epic masterworks The Hobbit and the three volumes of The Lord Of The Rings (
Virtuous LeadershipVirtuous LeadershipVirtuous Leadership defines each of the classical human virtues most essential to leadership – magnanimity, humility, prudence, courage, self-control and justice. It demonstrates how these virtues promote personal transformation and the attainment of self-fulfillment. It also considers the Christian supernatural virtues of faith, hope and charity without which no study of leadership can be complete.
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