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No Longer a Stray
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... The Gospel According to PupPup
Scepter Publishers, paperback, 183 pages.

This book will quickly grab the imagination of young people, as well as of adults who are young at heart! Through PupPup's story readers will become good friends with Christ, embracing his mission and making it their own. Of course, they will be surprised and hurt by those who oppose Christ, then horrified by his passion and death...  But they will begin to grasp the redemptive meaning of Christ's love and sacrifice, to appreciate the meaning and value of suffering, and, finally, to desire to read and live the Gospel, themselves.

Fr. Terry Deffenbaugh, OSA, has worked with young people for many years, through his work counseling and giving retreats.

Reader Comments from the publisher's site:

On 02/07/2013

One of the best books I've ever read! I met Fr. Terry a month ago, bought this book from him. I couldn't put it down. I wish this was required reading for all students, parents... everyone! God bless this priest!

On 03/30/2010

I have known Fr Terry since I was 12 years old (am now over 40) An amazing priest and pastor and now writer, who has blessed my family's life and mine. He has touched so many people's lives. Now with this publication, he is now touching my son's life. Thank you. Fr. Terry, you and your gifts have blessed us.

On 06/24/2009

I Loved this book and I am a young at heart 57 year young adult. I am purchasing copies for my family members to share.  

On 05/18/2009

I found this book in a donation box of books to our teacher's room. A pup for Jesus? This really caught my attention. I read it to my first graders for our Lenten Reading in class. They loved it. The compassion in the little one's heart at the Way of the Cross chapter was remarkable. This was their favorite book to listen to. They talk about Pup, Pup all the time. When they hear something in church, they know they heard it first from Pup, Pup. I am so glad it is back in stock. I need a few copies for gifts. Thank you for this marvelous story!

On 09/09/2005

A wonderful book to read on the Gospels. They are portrayed through the eyes of what would have been Jesus' companion. See what you know from the Gospels, but from the prespective of a dog, taken in by Jesus. 

On 03/17/2005

A fresh presentation of familiar Gospel narratives. Jesus, the Apostles and others come across to the reader as very real persons. Well-written and very readable. Holds the reader's interest. Highly recommended for youth and adults alike.

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