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"Divine Mercy" Rosary"Divine Mercy" Rosary
Praying the Rosary with St. Maria FaustinaPraying the Rosary with St. Maria Faustina
Open Wide the Door to ChristOpen Wide the Door to Christ
The Two PillarsThe Two Pillars

Open Wide the Door to Christ

Open Wide the Door to Christ
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In the Arms of Mary Foundation, paperback, 204 pages.

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“Open wide the door to Christ!” These words, spoken by Pope John Paul II in 1978, live on in the new pontificate of our Holy Father Benedict XVI. His Holiness reemphasized these words as he concluded his homily at his papal inauguration Mass. In addition, he said that, by opening wide the doors to Christ, “you will find true life.”

In his book, Open Wide the Door to Christ, S.C. Biela reassures the reader that there is a specific spiritual path that leads to a time when Christ will no longer have to knock persistently on the door of our hearts because our interiors will be fully open to Him. Biela demonstrates how the “key” of spiritual poverty will unlock the door through our imitation and the intercession of Mary, the lowly handmaid of the Lord. Then, there will no longer be two, but One, otherwise known as the transforming union described by two Doctors of the Church, St. Teresa of Avila and St. John of the Cross. When transforming union happens, we will not be able to live without the Divine Light of Love. This Light will embrace us and transform us in Itself, where we will find true life.

Paul N. DeWeese, M.D., State Representative and Physician:
“Clearly, Biela is an inspired writer and gifted by God with a deep spirituality. This book spoke directly to my soul. It will take my entire life to live out its message but the guidance, wisdom, and insight it offers has already enriched me greatly.”

Jim Benefield, MspEd, MA, MPC, DAPA, LMFT, (Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist):
"The author, S. C. Biela, of Open Wide the Door to Christ, paints a literary picture of the struggle within the soul to recognize, first of all, the need for the soul to release its tenacious grip of its own ego steeped in pride, and second, for the soul to recognize its need for God's mercy. . . . As the author emphasizes in his book . . . grace is especially active in the soul who continues to work and struggles to keep his heart opened wide to Christ."

Slawomir Cezary Biela was born in Poland in 1956. He studied at the Warsaw University of Technology, where he earned his Doctorate in Physics. He also studied at the Papal Faculty of Theology in Warsaw, especially in the field of the Theology of Spirituality. From 1977 until recently S.C. Biela cooperated  very closely with Rev. Tadeusz Dajczer, Professor of Theology, widely considered to have been the founder of the Families of Nazareth Movement.

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