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Animal Kingdom

Animal Kingdom
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Kaufmann Publishing, hardcover (approx. 4.4 X 7.4 inches), 96 pages.

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Kaufmann Publishing's slim and colorful hardcover pocket-sized editions of poetry and other literature make truly elegant gifts for Christmas, Easter, birthdays, confirmations, graduations, hospitality, and a variety of other occasions among Christians!    About this particular volume of poetry the gifted and prolific scholar, author, and literary critic Joseph Peace writes:

"Pavel Chichikov sees the natural through the mystical eyes of the supernatural....This is to see things as they are meant to be seen. It is to see God's presence in the weaving of a spider's web or in the flight of a bird. It is to see as Gerard Manley Hopkins saw. It is to paint inscapes. It is to see truly."

I owe a debt of gratitude
Have nothing I can bring,
Nothing has the best of gifts
If nothingness can sing

Hymn and chant and sacred tune,
Melisma, fall and rise,
Melody that is immune
To all decay that dies

How can it be that molded clay
Can break into a song,
Praise the lifting of the day
Or nocturne all night long

Nothing knows its proper place
below the feet of glory,
But love exalts eternally,
Transcends the transitory

If I were thrush to sing within
A thicket in the shade,
My soul would be a little thing
That praised that I was made.

"A Hymn of Praise" as quoted above appears in this pocket book of poems.

"These verses do what all art should do. They wake us up. They lay a kindly hand on our arm, and say, look! Poem after poem after poem regales us with with what? Beauty, really. Splendor. Sheer astonishment at the whole pageant of Creation. The exquisite notation of color and form, shape and variety, draws us all towards adoration of the Maker, and love for these creatures themselves." --Thomas Howard, writer and scholar, noted for his studies of C. S. Lewis and Charles Williams
Pavel Chichikov is the pen name of a writer who lives in Washington DC. His career began almost forty years ago with contributions to the New Yorker, under another name. For a while he wrote articles for various newspapers about the Soviet Union and reported from there. Recently, he has contributed to Catholic publications, and his work may also be read and heard on the Web. Animal Kingdom is his fourth volume of poetry.
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