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"Divine Mercy" Rosary"Divine Mercy" Rosary
Praying the Rosary with St. Maria FaustinaPraying the Rosary with St. Maria Faustina
Open Wide the Door to ChristOpen Wide the Door to Christ
The Two PillarsThe Two Pillars
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 and it is not open every day.

     For a family interested in providing Christian and Catholic books, activities, games and other home-based faith-building and supporting products for their children of various ages, there are simply not many “real” places to go shopping!  Of course, outlets and stores devoted to spirituality of all sorts still constitute a growth industry, but family-oriented religious bookstores of specifically Christian and truly Catholic inspiration are becoming rather scarce.

     In a more perfect world than this, The Christian Book Corner might be just down the road from your home base, open at all convenient hours, containing a nice selection of highly recommended Christian and Catholic books, feature films fit for Christian and full family viewing, children’s and adults’ educational DVDs, devotional and inspirational audio cds, educational children’s and family games for homeschool and simple home-based entertainment, and other products intended for uplifting the minds and building and strengthening the faith of family members of all ages  in these changing and challenging times.  Now, though, t-CBC.com strives to do all that online.  Though we may be far away from your home in terms of miles, we are in many ways much closer and more convenient than ever!  Without needing to personally work on Sunday, our website can be open for your browsing seven days a week and on your schedule of convenience no matter the time zone.   Here you will find a carefully selected and ever growing array of products for Christian and Catholic grandparents, aunts and uncles, godparents, parents, and their children from infancy to young adult.  In this section of our online corner store you will find coloring and activity books, children’s books and games, books and music for homeschooling parents and students, a holiday and family occasion gift giving guide, movies, bibles, prayerbooks … all of them carefully chosen for their ability to support and nurture Christian and Catholic values and beliefs.

     Our products are chosen from among the best suppliers and publishers of Christian books and videos, games and other materials.  We add to our inventory regularly and update it frequently to provide you, our guest here, with what we believe are the best selections from the best sources we can find.  We have the freedom as an online store to provide these services at always handsome discounts. Please enjoy your visit, and if you do make a purchase, let us know how it fit with your needs or desires by returning to complete a review on the product page.  

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