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"Divine Mercy" Rosary"Divine Mercy" Rosary
Praying the Rosary with St. Maria FaustinaPraying the Rosary with St. Maria Faustina
Open Wide the Door to ChristOpen Wide the Door to Christ
The Two PillarsThe Two Pillars

Poetry.  Who is the best poet?  Who is the greatest poet?  What is good poetry?  What is good Christian poetry, good Catholic poetry?  What are good poems for children, for reading aloud?  What is religious, or mystical, or spiritual poetry? Who are the new poets, family oriented poets, American poets, classic poetry?  How many questions do you want to ask about poems, poets or poetry in general?  How specific do you want to become in your striving to understand and appreciate good poetry, to buy for yourself or for a friend book of poetry which can be enjoyed as you would a beautiful painting or piece of music?

Poems can be like the weather, calm or stormy, bright and beautiful, dark and threatening.  Good poems are a category that changes almost with every individual, and of course changes over time.  But, one can be sure that Christian poetry and Catholic poems, the kind written by the best Christian and Catholic poets will always adhere to the central truths of the Christian, Catholic faith.  Christian poetry, the best of it, addresses the deep meanings of Christian and Catholic beliefs in poetry of astounding religious, inspirational and mystical dimensions.  The best Christian and Catholic poems have a universal appeal whether the poet is writing for an English, American or some other audience, whether the poem deals with family or children’s experiences of the world, explores the spiritual word, opens us to mystical insights or offers some explanation of the lives of saints.  Poems have always been a great source of encouragement, comfort and inspiration from the Psalms to the newest poems written.  Christian and Catholic poets and their poetry provide us with wonderful sources of love, inspirational ideas and great mystical visions of the truths of our faith.

Books by and about Christian and Catholic poets and poetry from classic to new poems are always available here at discount from the most reputable publishers and sources of American, English and translated poetry.  Our ever growing and renewed inventory of good books of poetry and about poetry will be sure to satisfy the most discriminating reader.

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4 Volume Poetry Gift Set4 Volume Poetry Gift SetFour volumes of your choosing from the Kaufmann Publishing page on our site.   These are lovely pocket-sized hardcover gift volumes that will delight your gift recipient(s) -- or you yourself -- for many years.  If you prefer different selections from those shown in this image, please just indicate in the comments section on the order page what four Kaufmann Publishing volumes you would like to have at the gift set price and we will gladly accommodate you.
A Ballad of Sixty-Six DaysA Ballad of Sixty-Six DaysThis magnificent epic poem will warm the heart, capture the imagination and inspire the soul. Littleton recounts a compelling series of events within the brief span of sixty-six days that Charles Wesley spent on St. Simons Island in 1736. Poignantly uncovered here is the deep and pious spirit of a man who helped transform the religious culture of the world.
A Sudden CertaintyA Sudden CertaintyYou will not find in this book poetry that is explicitly Catholic or explicitly devotional. Instead Fr. Longenecker tries in his "Priest Poems" to find God locked in the ordinary experiences of life, creating moments of insight that are 'sacramental.' 
Animal KingdomAnimal Kingdom"Pavel Chichikov sees the natural through the mystical eyes of the supernatural....This is to see things as they are meant to be seen. It is to see God's presence in the weaving of a spider's web or in the flight of a bird. It is to see as Gerard Manley Hopkins saw. It is to paint inscapes. It is to see truly."
Cause of JoyCause of JoyIt has been said that the "South" is not a really a place, but instead, a state of mind. Ellison Turner's book of poems, although not about the "South," nevertheless is rimed with sentiments from his southern roots. In this small tome, Turner has revealed bits of his life's journey; part subtle, part direct, yet totally honest.  Life - sometimes painful, often disappointing, rewarding and fulfilling, but in the end, like Turner's title, a "Cause of Joy."
Church of the Kevin, TheChurch of the Kevin, TheA short book combining comic material from the author's newsletter for his nationally performed comedy murder mysteries with somewhat more serious essays and some satirical poems. "THE BOOK OF THE KEVIN (or whatever it's called) is a literary revolution. Everyone should read this book. I intend to read it myself. That's how strongly I feel about it." ----Dale Ahlquist, president and co-founder of the American Chesterton Society and the author of many books on GKC.
Divining DivinityDivining DivinityThe poems in this volume are not only as sensitive and fine as anything by Emily Dickenson, they also have the brilliant structure and playful wordsmanship of Gerard Manley Hopkins, with an endearing quiet sense of the sublime—and all of them offered up in a humble attitude of praise. 
Following the LightFollowing the Light"On a gray March afternoon in 1998, driving through the mountains of North Carolina, I experienced a brilliant light that I knew was God. Immediately, a hardened atheist was transformed into a believer in Jesus Christ with the knowledge that the Catholic Church is the one true Church. I also recognized that this was the light that had been calling me in nature and in the writing of my poetry."
GodGodA series of Biblical meditations with special emphasis on the hidden core of the Bible, the Name of God. The author claims no special Scriptural expertise, but he approaches the Bible as a human being, as a priest, and as a specialist in the drama of William Shakespeare and the poetry of Gerard Manley Hopkins.
In the Saguaro ForestIn the Saguaro ForestA Saguaro Forest surrounds us all. The world is the Saguaro Forest -- a place of beauty and wonder, ever pointing beyond itself to the greater beauty and wonder of its First Cause and Final End, while at the same time confronting us with the discomfort and danger of its thorns, reminding us that this is no Eden, that for the present we partake of paradise only by Hope.
Mysteries and Stations in the Manner of IgnatiusMysteries and Stations in the Manner of IgnatiusAs meditations, whose manner resembles the Ignatian technique called composition of place, these poems mine the Mysteries of the Rosary and the Stations of the Cross in order to bring forth a luminous iconography of redemption.  An eye for vivid imagery and an ear for the telling phrase meet here in verse that is as much to be prayed as read.
Paradise in The WastelandParadise in The WastelandVolume 15 in the Wiseblood Classics reprint series, Paradise in The Waste Land is a collection of Nobel Prize winning essayist, publisher, playwright, literary and social critic Thomas Stearns Eliot's early poems and essays. 
Poem of the New Creation, APoem of the New Creation, A"In its lyrical intensity, its mastery of literary techniques and artistic structure, so rich in many perceptive allusions to biblical, theological, historical and literary sources, this poem is indeed a "new creation:" at once traditional and original, a fresh revelation of how the dark confusions in mankind's temporal condition can be transfused through the voice of Christian grace and prophecy from its sorrowful tragedy into the joyous comedy of redemption." (Peter J. Stanlis)
Reading God's Handwriting: PoemsReading God's Handwriting: PoemsA work of deep faith that grants a vivid sense of the poet's great desire to find God in all spiritual experiences and in the many lives and moments that mirror His creation.  Drawing on Scripture as well as the cycles of the liturgical year, these poems give voice to biblical prophets and saints while also celebrating the impact of prayer in the lives of ordinary folks, including monks in Lectio Divina and an aged Russian woman in Praying the Icons, two evocative portraits among many. 
The Enclosed GardenThe Enclosed GardenIn the form of poetic meditations on the Old Testament, Peter Milward's literary masterpiece combines the ideal of Paradise in Solomon's The Song of Songs with the magnificent poetic magic of the pleasure-dome in Kubla Khan. As the Biblical setting for the contemplative life, so essential for both religious Jews and Christians, THE ENCLOSED GARDEN provides everything that is seriously lacking in the active secular and materialist life of modern Jewish and Christian society.
Whose Saints We AreWhose Saints We AreA slim pocket-sized volume of powerful poems about the most powerful people ever to walk this earth -- those whom in the tradition of the Church we call saints.  The author writes: "Saints are somehow more alive than the rest of us, and that is because they understand humility.  It is sanity, joy, the only way to heaven."
Wind Among the LeavesWind Among the Leaves"A mind alive with the truth of Christian realism, a heart that beats in unity with the Faith, an eye that rejoices in the beauties of Creation, and an ear that notes the music of the Muse"... this beautifully bound little volume of poetry (by a man noted author Joseph Pearce describes as "one of the finest" of this century's Catholic poets) makes a very lovely gift.
With Roses for AllWith Roses for AllPoetry is absorbing. Poetry is engaging. Poetry reaches into the very faculty of play. Poetry calls out to human freedom by speaking to heart and mind in a single moment, unraveling human nature before one has the time to stop its invasion. What good can possibly come from that?  Read this and see.
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