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Church of the Kevin, The

Church of the Kevin, The
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Kaufmann Publishing, hardcover  4.373 X 7.375  inches, 64 pages.

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You are about to open a mixed bag of stuff. That s because my life is a kind of mixed bag of stuff. Since 1994, my wife Karen and I have been producing comedy murder mysteries at wineries and dinner trains around the country with our company Upstage Productions. That s how we make our money. In 2007 we began a new company, the Theater of the Word Incorporated, an acting troupe which tours the world evangelizing through drama. That s how we lose our money. Most of these comic pieces were written for my Upstage Productions email newsletter, which at one point had over 7,000 opt-in subscribers, and were tailored to the audiences who came to expect a kind of wild humor from me. The serious essays were written either for my blog, which can be reached from our website, or for Gilbert Magazine or The St. Austin Review, and are tailored to the audiences that know me best from the Theater of the Word, and who appreciate a more refined take on things. The poems were written for fun. But of course, despite the tailoring, there s a common thread to follow here. And if you follow this thread or give it a tug, one of two things will happen: you will either, like Ariadne in the Greek myth, follow the thread out of the maze and escape the clutches of the Minotaur; or you will tug on the thread and tear a nasty hole in the seat of your pants. Either way, let her rip ! Kevin O Brien

The Church of the Kevin by Kevin O'Brien was named among "The Best Books I Read in 2010..." Ignatius Press Authors, Editors, and Friends, January 1, 2011. 

THE BOOK OF THE KEVIN (or whatever it's called) is a literary revolution. Everyone should read this book. I intend to read it myself. That's how strongly I feel about it. ----Dale Ahlquist, president and co-founder of the American Chesterton Society and the author of many books on GKC
Kevin O Brien has given the world a heart-breaking work of staggering genius... Oh. Wait. You want me to read it first? ----Mark Shea, Catholic blogger, author of Mary Mother of the Son, Making Sense Out of Scripture, and By What Authority?

“The Church of the Kevin” is a short book which uses material from his newsletter for his comedy murder mysteries he performed across the country along with some essays from his blog. Like most humor directed pieces it is hit and miss, but mostly hit. There is a lot of funny stuff contained. I especially liked his re-imagining of “It’s a wonderful life” where Clarence is a materialistic determinist with a major in moral relativism. Another funny bit was his take off on the million monkey-infinite time-Shakespeare meme that takes it in an interesting direction considering how inane the original meme is.
I really liked the essays in the section of the book “Trying to be serious” which combined both humor and critical content, a combination I especially enjoy and one in which Kevin O’Brien pulls off quite well. The Guide to Bad Homilies would have been especially funny if it wasn’t especially true – though we often laugh because something is true. His spending of a Christmas with relatives and the conversations that ensued considering that their points of view did not match Kevin’s in the realm of the Church and morality showed an issue we often come against ourselves along with some commentary on Seinfield and The Office. “How to make bad art” was an essay on the subject close to my heart considering just how much bad Christian/Catholic art there is out there from statues and paintings to film. What Christians are willing to accept as the height of art is quite depressing to me.
The last section included some poems. Now I generally have a poetic tin ear, but I enjoyed Kevin’s poems. Though that might not exactly be a ringing endorsement for him. 
Here is a sample of one that I really liked.
A Triolet for Pagan-Christians
Oh, come, oh come, enneagram
And save us from His precious love
We pimp ourselves for Fraud and Sham
Oh, come, oh come, enneagram
Who needs the Father, Son, and Dove?
Oh, come, oh come, enneagram
And save us from His precious love
Jeff Miller,  2011/04/kevinapalooza/

About the Author
Kevin O Brien is the founder and artistic director of The Theater of the Word Incorporated, a Catholic theater company which tours the country evangelizing through drama. Although an atheist at an early age, Kevin s experiences with the dramatic arts began a conversion process, that, with the help of the writings of G. K. Chesterton, eventually brought him into the Catholic Church. Kevin hosts the television series The Theater of the Word on EWTN and can also be seen on episodes of EWTN's The Apostle of Common Sense and The Quest for Shakespeare. 
Most recently Kevin has appeared in two movies, Manalive, based on the novel by G. K. Chesterton, and To Follow the Light: the Conversion of John Henry Newman, both of which were released in 2010. In addition, Kevin is the only person in history to play every part in a Shakespeare play, a feat he achieved with his dramatic reading of The Merchant of Venice: Ignatius Critical Edition, and which he repeated with his reading of Macbeth: Ignatius Critical Edition. He is also a writer and frequent contributor to The St. Austin Review and Gilbert Magazine.

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