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The Mass Illustrated for Children - Coloring Book

The Mass Illustrated for Children - Coloring Book
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(REVISED 2nd edition with new Mass texts)

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One of the greatest challenges Catholic parents face is nurturing in their children a reverent love for the Sacrifice of the Mass. The feast of Christ’s abundant love too often appears to children as a dreary exercise in keeping quiet and sitting still – as their parents fuss and fumble to maintain order.

Second Spring Catechesis looks simple, since it takes the form, for example, of a series of coloring books, not normally regarded as artistically significant. But it involves taking the child, and the child’s sensibility and culture, much more seriously than most other forms of catechesis have done. This seems to be part of the reason for its effectiveness: it opens windows in the child’s imagination through which the vision of the faith can be transmitted, or (to vary the metaphor) it prepares the ground and plants the seeds for a later, more intellectual appreciation of the faith in the child’s mind.  Read more about the Thomas More College approach to Children's Catechetical Resources. 

Unlike many other children’s guides, The Mass Illustrated for Children invites young people to color the pictures and scenes that lead the child through each element of the Mass. To help children follow along, the Priest’s prayers are highlighted in red, and the congregation’s responses are clearly marked in a distinctive font. A helpful commentary explains the history and meaning of each element of the Mass, encouraging the child to delve ever deeper into its mystery and meaning, and develop that fundamental reverence which will nurture maturing faith.

This booklet was published by ResSource Ltd., based out of Oxford, England, and is distributed by Thomas More College in North America.   It was the first publication in a larger collaborative effort between ResSource and Thomas More College to develop a new generation of educational resources for different age levels.

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