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"Divine Mercy" Rosary"Divine Mercy" Rosary
Praying the Rosary with St. Maria FaustinaPraying the Rosary with St. Maria Faustina
Open Wide the Door to ChristOpen Wide the Door to Christ
The Two PillarsThe Two Pillars

The Two Pillars

The Two Pillars
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In the Arms of Mary Foundation, paperback, 134 pages.

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Have you ever let pride get in the way of something? Have you ever wanted to say you're sorry, but couldn't?

Have you ever been unable to go to confession because you were embarrassed about something you did?

You are not alone. It is the human condition. But what keeps us from saying we're sorry?

Pride. Pride gets in the way of a lot of things; it gets in the way of life. It's so insidious that you don't know how deep it runs. Before long you are sinking in an ocean of it, and you don't even know why.

The sands of mediocrity are washing you away and your fear is paralyzing you from swimming to the Truth. What can you do?

The Two Pillars offers the reader a twofold way to battle the storm of pride and mediocrity. It gives the reader the tools to overcome pride through its numerous examples and through the author's gentle waves of revealing the truth to us about ourselves.

We all face the same problems. We all have pride. This book will give you the means by which to release your pride and come back to God. Didn't know you were away from God? None of us realize how pride builds a wall between us and our Father in heaven. We don't understand that we need the attitude of contrition daily. But with the tools of gratitude and attitude we can make the journey home to our Father in truth and light.

Jesus says that unless your house is built on stone, it will not survive. You cannot weather the storm without the right tools, without the right house. Weather the storm with The Two Pillars. You won't be disappointed.


I recommend this deeply spiritual book to all the faithful that they might see through the eyes of faith these two pillars of spiritual life. Contrition and gratitude are essential for the life of grace that opens us to Redemption. May Mary, the Blessed Mother of God, be our example as we open wide our hearts to allow Jesus Christ to enter our lives. I ask her intercession for all of us as she stands in deep humility and gratitude before her Divine Son and calls us to walk in these same great virtues on the path to God's mercy.
Theodore Cardinal McCarrick
Archbishop Emeritus of Washington

S.C. Biela's latest book is a welcome addition to the Christian tradition of spiritual literature. The central themes of Gratitude and Contrition are contemplated in a way as to help the reader to counter-challenge a culture of prideful entitlement, of a loss of the sense for sin, and of coldness of hearts. A most valuable book!

With every good wish
In Jesus and Mary,
Fr. Andreas Hock, S.S.D.
Saint John Vianney Theological Seminary
Archdiocese of Denver

Slawomir Cezary Biela was born in Poland in 1956. He studied at the Warsaw University of Technology, where he earned his Doctorate in Physics. He also studied at the Papal Faculty of Theology in Warsaw, especially in the field of the Theology of Spirituality. From 1977 until recently S.C. Biela cooperated  very closely with Rev. Tadeusz Dajczer, Professor of Theology, widely considered to have been the founder of the world-wide Families of Nazareth Movement.

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