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"Divine Mercy" Rosary"Divine Mercy" Rosary
Praying the Rosary with St. Maria FaustinaPraying the Rosary with St. Maria Faustina
Open Wide the Door to ChristOpen Wide the Door to Christ
The Two PillarsThe Two Pillars

The Way, Furrow, The Forge

The Way, Furrow, The Forge
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Scepter Publishers, paperback, 991 pages.

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This keepsake book combines St. Josemaría’s three beloved collections of spiritual guidance — The Way,Furrow, and The Forge — into one, with an expanded and combined index. This three-in-one edition offers you a starting-point for prayer and for finding Christ in all your life’s experiences.  It introduces you to St. Josemaría’s guiding vision of holiness in everyday life.

Also available separately.

Some sample quotes:

"As soon as you willfully allow a dialogue with temptation to begin, the soul is robbed of its peace, just as consent to impurity destroys grace."  -- Furrow #836 

"Fight against the softness that makes you lazy and careless in your spiritual life. Remember that it might well be the beginning of tepidity ... and, in the words of the scriptures, God will vomit out the lukewarm."  -- The Way #325 

"When I made you a present of that life of Jesus, I wrote in it this inscription: `May you seek Christ, may you find Christ, may you love Christ. These are three very distinct steps. Have you at least tried to live the first?"  -- The Way #382 

"Each day be conscious of your duty to be a saint. A saint!  And that doesn't mean doing strange things. It means a daily struggle in the interior life and in heroically fulfilling your duty right through to the end."  -- The Forge #60 

"Make an effort to respond at each moment to what God is asking of you: have the will to love him with deeds. They may be little deeds, but do not leave any out."  -- The Forge #82

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