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"Divine Mercy" Rosary"Divine Mercy" Rosary
Praying the Rosary with St. Maria FaustinaPraying the Rosary with St. Maria Faustina
Open Wide the Door to ChristOpen Wide the Door to Christ
The Two PillarsThe Two Pillars

“I don’t know about that, but I know what I believe”  isn’t a direct quote from any one person, but it pretty much approximates the attitude, the opinion, of many people who may have never even seen the inside of a church, opened a Bible, or said an actual prayer in quite some while. This is a problem!  As G. K. Chesterton put it, when people stop believing in God, they don’t end by believing in nothing— they believe in anything."

In a nation in which the vast majority of us say we do believe in God, there are almost 30,000 separate denominations of Christian churches. In addition to that, our country  boasts a seemingless endless array of New Age “belief systems" -- Wiccan, Native American, Eastern, and God save us, Atheist “religions”, each of them claiming to be the "one true religion" of humankind.   Where does one go, then, to acquire the skill necessary to navigate this dense thicket of theological claims made in the name of religious Truth?

Christians have traditionally been called “the people of the Book”.  But, there is more to it than that.  Christians are also people of the Creed -- a kind of Constitution if you will, setting out what a Christian’s faith consists in. People have given their lives rather than repudiate this Christian Creed.  Theology, the Mother of Sciences, is the study of God and mankind’s relation to Him, growing out of the Creed’s claims and the Bible’s revelation. Whether it is moral theology, Christology, Ecclesiology or any of the several other branches of theology, a basic knowledge of the state of the art, so to speak, is deemed essential for adult formation in faith. Theological studies are not purely the province of priests, preachers and ministers of one kind or another. From the right understanding of the Big Bang and other cosmological theories, to the very latest philosophical, psychological and scientific theories about men, women, the family, marriage and economics -- the problems we all face -- theology speaks about everyday matters, enablng us to look at them from God’s own point of view, and placing us, ourselves, into our proper place within the proper order of things. The theology of the Trinity, the very nature of God, the Person of Christ, the action of the Holy Spirit, are all properly the realm of theological study and learning. And all of these approached to the learning of Truth are of critical interest for the forming of a mature faith.

Here at the Christian Book Corner we are well aware of the need for a life-long study of our Christian faith, not merely a memorization of Scripture texts, or formulas of prayer, but an always broader and deeper development of intellectual as well as spiritual relationship with our Creator/Savior. Through carefully scholarly writings, stories, histories, journals, novels, poems, films and other media we strive to provide the very best resources to allow one to grow in their knowledge and love of the God who knows and loves them; to begin devotedly building the one and only relationship which endure and more than satisfy the soul for all eternity.

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Beauty for Truth's SakeBeauty for Truth's Sake"Stratford Caldecott provides a remarkable manifesto that restores mystery to its proper place in education. With mystery comes wonder, awe, reverence, beauty, and a sense of discovery. Without these, science and mathematics are sterile, dull, and doomed, and the humanities are impossible. Caldecott has pronounced a blessing for our children and our children's children." --Scott Hahn
Benedict XVI and Beauty in Sacred Art and ArchitectureBenedict XVI and Beauty in Sacred Art and ArchitectureIn an historic meeting with artists in 2009, Pope Benedict XVI summoned the Church and the world to engage in "an authentic 'renaissance' of art." The Second Fota International Liturgy Conference was convened the same year to examine just how to do so. Architecture, painting, sculpture, furnishings—all have an indispensible role to play in raising our hearts and minds to God.  The essays contained here draw on the richness of the Pontiff’s thought to suggest how the Church might overcome the "new iconoclasm" of the post-Conciliar period in order to contemplate the face of Christ more clearly.
Benedict XVI and Beauty in Sacred MusicBenedict XVI and Beauty in Sacred MusicThis volume contains the proceedings of the Third Fota International Liturgy Conference.  Fota conferences -- of which there have been six to date -- are so called because they take place in Fota, County Cork, Ireland.  The annual gatherings provide a forum for a younger generation of liturgists and musicians, drawn from various countries, who are presently engaged in the recovery and promotion of the Church’s musical heritage for liturgical use or in composing beautiful new and uplifting works of sacred music.
Benedict XVI and the Sacred LiturgyBenedict XVI and the Sacred LiturgyBenedict XVI and the Sacred Liturgy provides a general overview of some of the more important themes in Benedict XVI’s liturgical writings. As the published proceedings of the first Fota International Liturgical Conference held in Cork, Ireland, in July 2008, it serves as a broad introduction to Benedict XVI's vision for authentic renewal of Catholic worship and to his critique of liturgical innovations that stray from the principles of Vatican II.  The book is aimed at a professional and general audience.
Encountering ChristEncountering ChristA glimpse into the heart and mind of Pope Francis, Encountering Christ  offers a selection of homilies, letters, and addresses delivered from 2009-2013 that contain many of the themes that have already emerged as central to Pope Francis’ pontificate: love for the poor, the dangers of a self-referential Church, and the need to “go out” and bring Christ to the world.  These texts offer an introduction to the “spiritual priorities” of our new Holy Father.
Mystical Rose, TheMystical Rose, TheFrom the pen of the most renowned Catholic thinker of the nineteenth century comes this explanation of the doctrinal bases of the titles given to Our Lady in the Litany of Loreto: Mystical Rose, House of Gold, Mirror of Justice, Queen of Angels, Tower of Ivory, Singular Vessel of Devotion, Queen of Martyrs, and more.
Pope Francis: Keys to his ThoughtPope Francis: Keys to his Thought
Msgr. Mariano Fazio paints a close-up portrait of his Argentian friend and frequent collaborator that sheds revealing light on our Pope's deep spirituality and the intense pastoral commitment that motivates him in his leadership of the Catholic Church.
Subversive OrthodoxySubversive OrthodoxyA fascinating who's who of twentieth century thinkers -- including philosophers, activists, and novelists -- whose "unique contributions to secular thought derive from their Christian worldviews,"  this book is an informative and encouraging read for all who concern themselves with articulating an intelligent, well-reasoned Christian response to secular ideologies.
The Radiance of BeingThe Radiance of BeingConversant with Islam, Buddhism, non-dualist traditions, as well as myriad mystical elements and esoteric currents within Christianity, the author builds a brilliant symphonic work whose master theme is the Trinity. To the urgent questions asked—in response to the crises besetting the modern world—about the nature of reality and the meaning of existence, of what it means to be human, Stratford Caldecott puts forward a clear and compelling answer in language accessible to all: Being is radiant because it is a gift, not only from the Trinity, but also within the Trinity itself; and, in the end, the meaning of existence is love.
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