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Wind Among the Leaves

Wind Among the Leaves
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Kaufmann Publishing, hardcover, 64 pages.  4.37 x 7.37 inches.

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"William Dunn writes with a simplicity reminiscent of his masters the English Romantics and the agrarian poets of America. Like Wordsworth, he lives in uninterrupted dialogue with his childhood:  as he sees it, the child is not only the father of the man, but the man's best teacher, if only he would listen. Like Robert Frost and Wendell Berry, Dunn is a poet who finds a universe of meaning in the particularities of a familiar and beloved landscape. He knows Europe well--he has lived in England, Austria, and Italy--but again and again his memory and imagination lead him back, with gratitude, to the woods, lakes, and prairies of Oklahoma...And if William Dunn knows that the world is wonderful because it has been created by God, he recognizes the still greater wonder of its re-creation by God's Son, incarnate of the Virgin Mary."  (from the Foreword.)

Born in Tulsa, William Dunn's experience of the natural surroundings of rural northeastern Oklahoma provides imagery for much of his writing. While attending Thomas Aquinas College in Santa Paula, California, he studied liberal arts and philosophy, and was received into the Roman Catholic Church. It was while pursuing post graduate studies at the International Theological Institute in Gaming, Austria, that Dunn became a student and friend of Fr. John Saward, who encouraged his interests in theology, and in the traditional forms of English prosody. Dunn's essays and poems have frequently appeared in the St. Austin Review, edited by Joseph Pearce and Robert Asch. He currently teaches philosophy and theology for the Diocese of Tulsa.  Wind Among the Leaves was released in August of 2012.

What they're saying about this volume of poetry:

The new century has ushered in a new generation of fine Catholic poets of whom William Dunn is one of the finest. He has a mind alive with the truth of Christian realism, a heart that beats in unity with the Faith, an eye that rejoices in the beauties of Creation, and an ear that notes the music of the Muse. -- Joseph Pearce, writer-in-residence at The Thomas More College of Liberal Arts

The corporeal world is subject to change and decay, but it is destined for transfiguration on the last day, and already, by the power of the risen Christ, the humblest material things--water and oil, bread and wine--become instruments of divine grace and the pledge of eternal glory. It is this sacramental vision of the world, made possible by senses sharpened by intelligence and intelligence enlightened by faith, which Dunn's readers will find in [these] poems.  --Fr. John Saward, fellow of Greyfriars, and associate lecturer at Blackfriars, Oxford University

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